Life happened

What do you do when life hits you? When you are faced in a uncomfortable and unknown situation where there's no definite right or wrong, or when you're friend needs you and you're miles away, where the only thing you can do is talk to them on the phone. 

Are there any good way to react? Is it reasonable to hide in your room all day and get away from all responsibilities and pretend they don't exist - even just for a moment. I wonder if there's a perfect reaction to a breakup, death, cheating or anything else that could remotely leave you speechless. 

Personally, I've never been a person who's been extremely good at knowing what to reply, I kinda just let people bawl their hearts and empty their thoughts before I give them tough love and kinda just soften out the blow with some love and good feedback on how well they're doing, but other than that- I'm useless. 

But I suppose that's the beauty of having different of people in your life; they all contribute different and admirable things that might leave you frustrated and annoyed in the moment due to not receiving the answer you wanted but in the end wants the best for you. 


fresh start

I don't know about you, but sometimes one just need a fresh start and now is one of them times for me. I don't know why, but lately in all to the majority of aspects of my life - is craving a new start. Perhaps this is what I need to be more motivated and feel better, who knows, but it's a start! I don't think I do so well under pressure for some reason, so I think I'll just try and post whenever I can and feel like it and then hopefully I'll fall in love on blogging again ♥





























Cornelia Diamond Hotel Part 1

Siden hotellet er gud s himmla stort s m bilder komme i flere deler 

_MG_4897 _MG_4899 _MG_4902 _MG_4929 _MG_4931 _MG_4932 _MG_4934 _MG_4938 _MG_4939


Who needs day dreaming when you're already living it

Jeg kan virkelig ikke forklare hvor deilig de siste dagene har vrt! Har vrt her i tre dager, og allikevel fles det som om jeg har vrt her i flere dager (p en helt utrolig god mte!!!). Jeg er for en gangsskyld avslappet av alt fra bassenget, stranda, atmosfren og ikke for glemme spaet. 


Det er serist s deilig og magisk vre her at jeg ikke vil hjem til virkeligheten og jobb. Er heldigvis noen dager til, men fortsatt, trenger ikke drmme meg bort til paradiset og varmen nr jeg endelig er her og lever det! 



Hva gjr du p denne flotte dagen? 



A sight of beauty

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: my beautiful friend, Hanna