7 Things I learned in Amsterdam


1. They are not shy when it comes to use of strong colours and patterns, as well as expressing how they're feeling through different types of amazing art


2. It's quite the common knowledge that Dutch people love their bicycles and love to bike, but you don't really know and can't really grasp just how many people actually bikes over there until you're almost run over several times a day, just by navigating from one street to another


3. There's usually always a cute caf in every corner with very nice and comfortable lighting, where the calm and relaxed vibe radiates all the way to the other side of the street that just captivates you and makes you want to come in, sit down and stay there with a good cup of tea or warm drink, good company or a really good book and just sit there for hours upon hours. 


4. There's so much good architecture in Amsterdam, it actually amazes me. There's such a good variation between old buildings, cute to modern and colorful buildings. There's literally inspiration wherever you go!  


5. If museums are your cup of tea I would definitely recommend looking into discount passes such as Museumkaart. You can use it on over 400 museums in Amsterdam over the period of 31 days (or a year for Dutch residents. Most tourists don't tend to stay that long so the best option would probably be to buy 1-4 day passes, plus the passes includes a free canal ride. My mate was very excited for us to go on the canal ride but me being the mood killer as I am, that didn't happen unfortunetly, but if you're into being all cute and lovelydovey with whomever you travel with, whether it is your friend, you boyfriend/girlfriend or family and would experience and see the Dam in a different view as well as being enthusiastic over museum, then the passes would be recommended. 


6. Okey, so this one might not be surprising to many of you, but for me it was completely revolutionary, apparently coffeeshops aren't coffee shops. My first day there yeah, had a stroll around and explored the streets of Amsterdam, got hungry and wanted nothing but to sit down in a cute coffeeshop, drink coffee and enjoy the atmosphere. Me being me, then walked towards the first coffeeshop that I saw, and the look of shock and the confusion on my mates face was absolutely priceless. He ran after me and asked where I was headed, I then replied with to the coffeeshop. He later on spent good 5 minutes explaining how coffeeshops aren't really coffee shops but are on the contrary weedshop and where they in some cases do offer coffee. To say that I was confused to why they would advertise coffee without actually selling coffee is an understatement, but oh well I guess coffeeshop is a better way to sell it than weedshop.


7. Amsterdam is a maze. You might think that you're going straight forward, and that following the canals will lead you to the central station but in reality very few roads actually go straight, and where in most cases if you don't know the way, you will get lost. So do ask for direction or use your phone if you're ever in doubt, and do not simply just follow the canals because you will at some point loose count of how many you've passed. Oh, and all of the streets and buildings look the same! So do not be tricked by the cuteness! 

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